Huda Hashim was born in Liverpool, England, originates from Khartoum, Sudan and is now based out of Dallas, TX.

Huda Hashim - International Artist

"The best contribution I can offer to the world is to be myself wholeheartedly with every brushstroke"

Since a young age, Huda was always surrounded by different cultures, architecture, art and languages. Growing up, her parents always celebrated their diverse cultural background and made sure they were always proud to be different.

Huda struggled with finding her identity for years and through art and design, she was able to dig deeper into what makes her the culturally elevated designer she is today. The power of art and design to initiate meaningful conversations has allowed Huda to tell her diverse story in ways words will never express. Here at Manzili, we are fascinated and passionate about designing meaningful spaces that masters the art of storytelling and represents us as unique individuals. 

Her  passion for global storytelling is the driving force behind her art. It is a melting pot of compositional forms influenced by abstract expressionism and history just like the environment she has been surrounded by at a young age. She describes herself as an African brush teller – like storyteller but with a brush aiming to bridge gaps and cross social cultural and all other borders with her contemporary work by combining styles of the west with traditional Sudanese themes to tell stories. Navigating her ethnic, linguistic, tribal heritages is complex but she chooses to celebrate its diversity

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